About Us

At Stables Wellbeing we are family team with an aim to provide you with a break from your everyday stresses of life. To allow yourself to un-plug from busy lives and re-charge your batteries. Whether it’s a Pilates Class, Guided Walk, Special Event, Workshop, Yoga Weekend, All-inclusive Retreat Retreat or simply a ‘Getaway’ Break, our aim is to rejuvenate and restore you, so you are ready to take on whatever life has to offer with renewed vigour.

We create a safe space for couple retreats to feel welcome and form new friendships, but equally allow space for individuals to really relax in a singles retreat. Another focus of ours is on team retreat ideas, as we have instructors who are used to the hustle and bustle of the working corporate world and know how to provide the perfect all-inclusive retreats for organisations.

We have created a place where you can give yourself the bit of nurturing that you deserve.


Meet The Team

Veronica and Phil – Wellbeing RETREATS, Walking, Creators of Stables Wellbeing

We both have a passion for health and wellbeing in all its forms. It has been our life-time dream to create a retreat centre that would provide the opportunity for group and single retreats to recharge your batteries, renew and reinvigorate. We keep things running and support our team during the retreats. We both love walking and can take you on a variety of walks that all start from Stables Wellbeing in the heart of beautiful countryside. Veronica can take guests on guided meditation, is a Reiki Master and Sound Therapy practitioner, plus has studied Metaphysics and Kinesiology.

Gemma – Nutrition, YoGA, Pilates and Personal Training

Gemma has the ethos that you can create a healthy balanced lifestyle that fits for you. We are all unique, therefore there is no one fits all rule. To thrive in health, fitness and have a work/life balance, you need to create your balance. She will help you to create the right balance for you, so that you’re thriving in your life.

Providing you with methods and practices to create your balance.

Gemma has a degree in Diet & Health, has extensive knowledge and practical experience in natural nutrition and sciences.

A qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor and Nutritionist, with over 12 years of experience working within the fitness + health industry.

Using Life coaching and mindfulness techniques to create new habits and consistency for any new routine.

Enjoys creating healthier alternatives to our favourites, such as cake. As well as specialising in alkaline plant based recipes, and food plans to aid recovery.

With a passion for all things outdoors, she’ll help you to reconnect with nature throughout our Welsh retreats.

Kirsty – Chef

Kirsty has a lifelong love of tasty, nutritious and natural food and has been cooking and baking since she was little.  She began to work as a cook when she moved to Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales and was made ‘kitchen-in-charge’ – cooking nourishing, energy-giving meals for other residents and the hundreds of people who came to further their understanding of yoga every year.  It was here that her love of home-grown produce and plant-based nutrition began to blossom.

After two years in the ashram she moved into the local area with her husband and took a job cooking in a care home.  She continued cooking for elders for five years as well as freelance cooking at the local youth hostel and on various retreats and teaching yoga.  She joined the team at the Stables earlier this year.

Kirsty believes that cooking and eating a predominantly plant-based diet using ingredients that are at their best, right for the season and produced as locally as possible is a great way to provide ourselves with quality nutrition whilst honouring the needs of the earth.



I attended the paddleboarding retreat and loved it. The team are so lovely and do whatever they can to aid your well-being. The atmosphere is so calm and chilled with options to do as much or little as you want. Retreats are intimate so you get to know each other well. Also the vegetarian meals are absolutely amazing! Will definitely come back!”

Charlotte Thomas


I had such a great time and came back fully recharged. Everything was amazing: location, accommodations, teachers, hosts, food and the classes & activities. Cannot wait to go back!

Sorana Cernea


Wonderful place, people, and time in general. Very relaxed atmosphere, the yoga the hikes, the treatments were just perfect for a much needed reconnection to self and re-set! The hosts Veronica and Phil were so welcoming, Gemma and Nat were lovely facilitators. And Kirsty’s food was delicious!

Highly recommend!

Tanya Henehan


Thoroughly enjoyed the retreat the first time so went back for a second time a few months later. Wonderful accommodation. Well run event with great Pilates & Yoga teachers, self development work and amazing food. Looking forward to my third one. 

Gill Treanor


Came from the U.S. and was seeking a re-set; some rest and rejuvenation, and I got that and so much more! The space and environment are so inviting and peaceful. The surrounding land draws you in and calms, while at the same time is raw and wild. The hosts (family) were so in tune with what people wanted/needed and are lovely- felt like friends with all at the outset. Great yoga, Pilates, hikes, meditations, treatments, discussions etc 🙂 The food was AMAZING- clean, satisfying and delectable. Thank you Gemma et al!! Will be back!

Tanya DeNee


I recently attended a retreat and it was so wonderful. The hosts are so friendly, knowledgeable and inspiring. the agenda was great with yoga and Pilates everyday, but if we needed to rest there was no pressure to attend.

the food was incredible – all plant based and delicious!

I came back feeling incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated. Would highly recommend!”

Yasmin Dubash