Here at Stables Wellbeing we like to complement your retreat experience by offering a range of treatments in your room or in our on-site therapy room. This provides a relaxing space where you can enjoy a treatment tailored to your specific needs and is taken during your ‘free time’. 


 We have teamed with wonderful therapists who between them provide a variety of treatments so you can select what appeals. More information on the team and what they do follows:

Jo barker




I started off training as a beauty therapist 30 years ago. I’ve worked in the industry ever since, from salons & health spas to a successful mobile business. Always keeping the same ethos throughout of loyalty, discretion & commitment to my clients. I pride myself in giving every treatment 100% of my attention. I love being able to help & give confidence to others, moving more towards holistic therapies over recent years, I’m lucky to truly love my job!


Back/Full Body Massage – A firm, bespoke massage to ease muscular aches & tension. Helps alleviate stresses held within the muscles & surrounding tissue.

Lava Shell Relaxing massage – A seamless massage of warmth, touch & luxuriously bespoke, every treatment is specific to the clients needs. Deeply relaxing massage with warm shells easing muscular tension, aches & pains.

Diamond Dermabrasion Facial – A non-invasive skin exfoliating procedure that deeply polishes & stimulates the skin using a diamond head attached to a wand. Superficially plumps the skin therefore helping the appearance of fine lines. Leaves the skin feeling & looking rejuvenated.

Tropic Luxury Facial -A luxurious facial, cleansing yet relaxing. Includes an exfoliation & face, neck/shoulder massage.

Tropic Indulgence Facial – 60 minutes of pure indulgence. Includes an exfoliation & a seamless face/neck/shoulder massage. Hand & arm massage is the perfect finale while the face mask is working it’s wonders. 

Heather Ashley – Root and Vine Therapies

Hello, I’m Heather and I am a Holistic Therapist. I am a specialist in Reflexology, Shiatsu and Function facial massage and I’m a member of the association of Reflexologist in addition to several other qualifications (BA, BSc. Dipp MAR)

I provide a professional, caring and person-centred approach, asking questions about your general health and health history. This means the treatment and environment can be tailored completely to your needs and in consideration with your overall health, enabling you to fully relax and unwind.

As fewer people are familiar with the treatments I do, allow me to explain a little.


Shiatsu is a Japanese energy massage done through clothing. Similar to osteopathy, the therapy relies on the use of stretching, and kneading, soothing and applying pressure (Shiatsu translates as ‘finger pressure’) to relieve stiffness and tension. In shiatsu we work on the meridian system throughout the body to promote energy (Qi) flow, release blockages an holistically promote wellbeing. For this treatment we use a futon on the floor, and you should wear loose, comfortable clothing.

The benefits of Shiatsu

  • Restores and maintains the body’s energy, especially helpful to those suffering from fatigue and overall weakness, by working on the Qi in the body
  • Improves Circulation and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Helps provide relief from stress and tension as well as anxiety and depression
  • Reduces problems with stiff neck, shoulders and back aches
  • Helps reduce insomnia, headaches and digestive disorders.


This treatment is applied via feet and hands, starting with a foot massage I will then use my thumb or finger to ‘caterpillar crawl’ over every area, applying pressure to particular points. Though some areas can be sensitive, the overall feeling will be relaxing and not ticklish or painful.

For this treatment you will be comfortably seated in a massage or Lafuma chair. Only access to hands and feet are required.

The benefits of Reflexology

  • Deep relaxation: Stimulation of nerve endings results in a release of endorphins that activate the parasympathetic nervous system almost immediately. Reducing anxiety and depression because of the soothing effect
  • Improves sleep by relieving stress, anxiety, fear, grief and pain
  • Elimination of toxins by increasing circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage, therefore increasing energy and making a person more resilient to the stresses of life.

Functional Facial

The Function Facial works on the fascial network in the face, head neck and shoulders. Working with the fascial network in the face, head neck and shoulders. The fascial system interpenetrates and surrounds all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibres, endowing the body with a functional structure, and providing an environment that enables all body systems to operate in an integrated manner.

The treatment begins with the holding of certain points on the head and neck, for upwards of 5 minutes per point, as required. This leads to a deep relaxation of the fascia system giving it the space to unwind. The second half of the treatment is a relaxing Indian face massage. For this treatment, you will be lying on a massage table. Functional Facial involves massage directly onto the skin for the arms, shoulders, neck and head using a range of oils and waxes to suit.

The benefits of a Functional Facial

  • Providing relief from built up tension and release of past trauma stored by the fascial network. There can be an emotional release when the fascial network is realigned
  • The relaxing effects of Indian facial massage and acupressure, working with the Qi
  • The functional Facial massage can help to tighten the skin and underlying muscles reducing expression lines and wrinkles by promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells, stimulating rejuvenation and cellular activity.

We went to visit this wonderful space as we are holding our first retreat here – and we couldn’t wish or think for a more perfect place! It is stunning , beautiful and everything you need for the perfect quiet getaway 🙂 will defo be back! Xx

Sarah Jayne Fitness


I’ve just hosted a yoga weekend retreat at Stables Wellbeing and everyone left super happy with the venue and weekend… they even ordered sunshine for us 🙂. Thanks so much to the Stables team for looking after us so well – the food was delicious (thanks Kirsty) and Phil & Veronica gave the right amount of attentiveness… they ensured we had what we needed but gave us space to move in our flow. I’ve already re-booked and can’t wait to return!! 🥰

Inspired Yoga & Mindfulness UK


Wonderful place, people, and time in general. Very relaxed atmosphere, the yoga the hikes, the treatments were just perfect for a much needed reconnection to self and re-set! The hosts Veronica and Phil were so welcoming, Gemma and Nat were lovely facilitators. And Kirsty’s food was delicious!

Highly recommend!

Tanya Henehan


I could say in one short word – WOW!
But it won’t be enough.
I’ll still try to express my admiration and say a huge thank you to the owners of this complex.
Phil and Veronica, we felt your love and care in every detail, from the facilities and room design to small decorations.
It also felt like visiting ours parents or homeland (and believe me, this is exactly what we needed).
I would also like to express my gratitude to Kirsty, our magical guide to the world of vegetarian cuisine. Honestly, we all wanted to take her with us 😄.
I wish you all health and prosperity to your business.
I highly recommend to everybody to visit them.
P. S. Sorry guys for noisy Kazakhstani girls 😉
Natalya Kim


Came from the U.S. and was seeking a re-set; some rest and rejuvenation, and I got that and so much more! The space and environment are so inviting and peaceful. The surrounding land draws you in and calms, while at the same time is raw and wild. The hosts (family) were so in tune with what people wanted/needed and are lovely- felt like friends with all at the outset. Great yoga, Pilates, hikes, meditations, treatments, discussions etc 🙂 The food was AMAZING- clean, satisfying and delectable. Thank you Gemma et al!! Will be back!

Tanya DeNee


I recently attended a retreat and it was so wonderful. The hosts are so friendly, knowledgeable and inspiring. the agenda was great with yoga and Pilates everyday, but if we needed to rest there was no pressure to attend.

the food was incredible – all plant based and delicious!

I came back feeling incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated. Would highly recommend!”

Yasmin Dubash